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This message is for everyone, not just for those dealing with cancer. Donna Henderson died from bone cancer. In her final months, when the nurses would lift her arm to bathe her, her arm would break. The weight of her arm was too much for her bones, yet this was her message to everyone. In her instance it concerned cancer. But it can be fitted for any issue you may be going through.

“I believe cancer is the best thing that happened to me.
If I can help someone else know how they can fight
cancer it’s all worth while. I’m sure that’s why I got
cancer. It has brought new meaning and love into
my life. I would get rid of it in a minute if I could, but
I wouldn’t give up the changes it has made in my life.
God I love You for making me suffer like this. It is Your
will. You know the best for me. And I just praise You for
loving me enough to allow me to experience this. In
all things, including this, I give thanks.”
Donna Henderson

What a tremendous testimony.

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