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An angel whispered in my ear
sweet words from God above,
He told me of His wondrous grace
and taught me of His love.

He spoke of things both right and wrong
within our daily lives;
And warned of woes and torments
if our faith does not revive.

He taught of maple leaf on pine;
God’s gift of winter snows;
The beauty of an Autumn morn;
The fragrance of a rose.

The words he gave were meant for all
as we climb life’s labored hill;
So pause a moment as you read
and let your heart be still…….

© 1996 Charles E. Branthoover

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In prayer I search for blessed words

to shout from mountain high,

But silence comes to trembling lip

and tear comes to my eye.


“Dear God, You know I struggled long

to reach this end of life;

Yet in the wisdom of old age,

my soul is torn with strife.”


“Please give me Lord, words to guide,

that others may find their way;

Let my poet’s pen reach out

so my walk is not in vain.”


Yet silence came, and then a word,

but a whisper in the wind;

“My Child, do you not understand,

thru My word they will win?”


“But stand and let your light shine forth

to guide them thru the night;

For troubled days lie just ahead,

to hinder their brief flight.”


“Stand bold, My Child, on mountain top,

and be a beacon strong;

For shortly I will send My Son,

to guide Mine safely home.”


As spoken to me this day, October 14, 2007, by Jehovah God.

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I asked my Lord to give me voice

to praise His holy name;

To the fullest extent of His Majesty

that others might feel the same.


I asked my Lord to give me song

to sing to the angel’s choir;

To tell the world of the love I feel

would be life’s finest hour.


And yet in song there is no voice,

in word there is no rhyme;

For like a whisper in howling wind

the words are lost in time.


How does one speak of the beauty

of a sunrise or sunset so red?

How do you tell of a baby’s peace,

as it sleeps on its perfect bed?


This love I seek to share so grand

is nothing I can explain;

It must be felt within ones heart.

there alone will be the gain.


This love is such a personal thing,

and yet it’s there for all;

Just listen to the Whispering Wind

and you’ll hear Him softly call.


© Charles E. Branthoover 10/11/2006

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LUCK:  a four-letter word!


luck :        1.  that which happens to a person, as if by chance, in the course of events:   to have good luck.

              2.  good fortune ; advantage or success considered as the result of chance; to wish one luck.

              3.  some object on which good fortune is supposed to depend.


fortune:      5.  chance: luck

              6.  that which falls or is to fall to one as his portion in life or in any particular proceeding.

              7.  lot; destiny.

              8.  chance personified, commonly regarded as a goddess distributing arbitrarily or capriciously the lots of life.


chance:      1.  the absence of any known reason why an event should turn out one way rather than another; spoken as if it were a real agency; chance governs all.

             2.  fortune, fate, luck.                                                                      (definitions from The American College Dictionary by © Random House—New York)





Luck—a four letter word used commonly in daily living by so many and yet, by its many definitions, a word that is tied to chance and fortune so strongly that they are used interchangeably.

It is very interesting to find that the word luck and the word fortune do not appear in the Holy Bible (reference the 1611 King James Version) and the word chance only appears 6 times—5 of which use it in reference to “it just happened” and the 6th is used when the Philistine priests and “diviners” talked of the Holy Ark and “God and chance causing the outcome”. It is apparent to me that by their very definitions, the words come from the dark side; the occult; sorcery; witchcraft; or whatever label you choose to put on “the other side”.

Why then are the words so frequently used by Christians? Examples I have heard: “We prayed to God to spare us from the tornado—we were so lucky to survive.” “We escaped with our lives, we had luck on our side.” “The car just missed us—luck was with us.”

I was personally involved in a situation where a dear friend asked for prayer for a particular desperate situation. A few days later, I asked how things were. The response I received was, “We were so lucky; it turned out OK.”

I know in my heart God answered the prayer only to be denied by those blessed. Is it not a slap in the face of Jehovah God to plead with Him from an anguished heart for His mercy—only to attribute the results to luck?

Have you ever done it? Have you found a four-leaf clover and felt “blessed” that it would bring you good luck? Isn’t there a hypocrisy in that thought?

Think back, if you will, to a time in your life when you were especially blessed and you attributed it to luck. Now, I ask you—why would God continue to bless and bless and bless only to be denied the praise for the blessing? He will you know, even as He did throughout the ages—but!!!

Every time—EVERY TIME the word luck is used, the very use of it denies the existence of Almighty God! Think about it! Dwell on it! Its very use in our language habits is another subtle deception of the enemy satan. I am reminded of the analogy—“tell a lie often enough and people will believe it.”  Look at the situation the world is in today.

Think on these things and the next time you use the four-letter word luck, picture the hurt in the Father’s eyes. Amen, Amen, Amen




© 7/11/09 Charles E. Branthoover 



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As surely as I stand in the presence of our Loving God above,

this story is true.

It happened today and was witnessed by the Lady

The Swan

Clasped hand to hand we sent a prayer

to our precious God above;

“Please show Your will to us below

and bless us in our love.”

‘Tis then we walked along a path

of a great flowing stream

till we saw a gentle single swan

sent to us it would seem.

The graceful bird swam straight to me

as I stood along the bank

then came so bold from water’s flow

I knew God I would thank.

It stopped just short of arm’s length

reach and posed majestically,

But then I looked into it’s eye

and heard it speak to me.

Deep in my mind it told of hurt

and tragic loss of mate.

It told of how the loneliness

it accepted as it’s fate.

But then it spoke so bold in thought

T’was not my fate to be;

For God had sent an angel down

to share my destiny.”

With message spent the gentle swan

walked back to water’s edge;

I turned then to my Lady, and

and my life to her did pledge.

Maxine and I were married at 3:30 pm this day….

surely honored and blessed by God Himself

thru silent voice of majestic swan.

© June 12, 1998 Charles E. Branthoover

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Charles E. Branthoover

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood scriptures or quotes from the scripture is about the “faith as a grain of mustard seed” (Matthew 17:20 kjv). I had always thought, and was taught, that if you have even a tiny amount of faith as the speck that is a mustard seed, you could do anything. Yet I missed the whole point of Jesus’ teaching. You see; something as tiny as a grain of mustard seed would need enormous, steadfast faith to believe it could become the full grown mustard plant by overcoming all odds that it faced. The mustard plant grew to a height of about fifteen feet. Do you see and understand what I am saying?

If you will condone my being a little facetious in this, Jesus did not say if you have the faith of a coconut—perhaps the largest seed known to man; with few enemies to stop it from becoming a full grown coconut tree. You see—God picked David to go against Goliath—a boy too small to even wear the king’s armor. God didn’t search through His army to pick the “biggest man” to go against the giant—and surely there was someone who could have. He, God Jehovah, picked the mustard seed with the enormous faith that believed if God sends me, I can do it!

Perhaps you; nay we; need to rethink what Jesus meant with His example about what true faith is all about. The bigger the odds, the more “faith” you need to overcome the odds; Faith that God can; Trust that He will!!

Now I understand why Jesus would use the mustard seed in His analogy.

Is your faith equal to the faith of the mustard seed as Jesus surely meant in the analogy—or equal to what you were taught with the scripture in the past? There is a huge and profound difference.

Amen and Amen,

Also see I Am a Mustard Seed  by Maxine

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These two words are so often used interchangeably in our culture and religion. Yet I am going to separate them here into two separate meanings for Christians. I will support my conclusions by solid examples of what happened to us at a recent sing near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Please bear with me and perhaps you will find new understanding in your own walk with the Lord. Now let me give you my definition of Faith; and Trust; and the difference between the two.

Faith is believing God is capable of taking care of our needs! Trust is knowing He will!

Simple and to the point; yet how does this manifest to us in the natural world? I’ve heard so many times in our ministry from sundry people—“I believe God wants me to move; change my job; do this; do that;– but–I can’t take my family across the country without a home at the other end; or a job waiting; or etc., etc.” Now you can easily see the two words in this compounded statement–. “I believe”…is the faith part; however; the lack of trust is very evident. I know, you know what I am talking about. You’ve said it at one point or another—we all have!! If you truly love the Lord and have a servant’s heart you have had to make decisions to serve “regardless of the sacrifices”, knowing HE will supply your needs.

Maxine and I have struggled with these types of decisions throughout our walk with the Lord, and it was never easy. We sold our home in 1999 and moved south. We had no idea where we were going but we were told to “move to the head of the valley, the entrance to the city.” We ended up in Morristown, Tennessee and found a place to live quite by “accident” and Maxine started at Wal-mart in Jefferson City almost immediately. They just “happened to have an opening”. As I watched the news shortly after we settled in, they gave the weather report for “the plateau, the valley, and the mountains”. Morristown was at the “head of the valley—the entrance to the city of Knoxville”. Our ministry began there. Our trip down south was from a “shaky” trust of His word; kind of a “well, honey, we believe God spoke to us so we have to believe He’ll provide the way, somehow.” Not too convincing, but we did it anyway.

It has been a struggle in our walk of “trust” but we are getting stronger and more apt to say, “God will provide–let’s do it”.

This brings me to the point I spoke about in the beginning of this letter.

We just returned, as I am writing this, from a wonderful time of fellowship at the “Wilderness Presidential Resort” campground near Fredericksburg, Virginia. We were asked to sing there over the Labor Day weekend by a dear lady; the vice-president of WISE (Wilderness Inner Spiritual Enterprises). The problem was, they only offered enough gratuity to pay for our gas down and back, and a little for food on the way. Even she felt it was “unfair” for us to drive seven hours for this small “token”. We prayed on it, and “trusted” the Lord. Then, when hurricane Katrina hit and gas went out of sight, we still trusted the Lord. Stubborn I guess at this point.

W O W!!! the concert was fantastic! The Holy Spirit filled the place! The people were awesome–such an outpouring of love! WOW!! They fed us; asked us to stay and sing at the Sunday morning service; provided a beautiful camping trailer for the over-nighter; and showered us with Christian love. The “token” promised was doubled; one gentleman gave us a personal check to “pay for our gas back home”. Tears are welling in my eyes even as I write this.

God is good; God is capable; God will!!

But you must “surrender all” and let Him!

That is truly T R U S T!!!!!


God bless as you reap a harvest from this message. Charles E. Branthoover

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