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An angel whispered in my ear
sweet words from God above,
He told me of His wondrous grace
and taught me of His love.

He spoke of things both right and wrong
within our daily lives;
And warned of woes and torments
if our faith does not revive.

He taught of maple leaf on pine;
God’s gift of winter snows;
The beauty of an Autumn morn;
The fragrance of a rose.

The words he gave were meant for all
as we climb life’s labored hill;
So pause a moment as you read
and let your heart be still…….

© 1996 Charles E. Branthoover

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In prayer I search for blessed words

to shout from mountain high,

But silence comes to trembling lip

and tear comes to my eye.


“Dear God, You know I struggled long

to reach this end of life;

Yet in the wisdom of old age,

my soul is torn with strife.”


“Please give me Lord, words to guide,

that others may find their way;

Let my poet’s pen reach out

so my walk is not in vain.”


Yet silence came, and then a word,

but a whisper in the wind;

“My Child, do you not understand,

thru My word they will win?”


“But stand and let your light shine forth

to guide them thru the night;

For troubled days lie just ahead,

to hinder their brief flight.”


“Stand bold, My Child, on mountain top,

and be a beacon strong;

For shortly I will send My Son,

to guide Mine safely home.”


As spoken to me this day, October 14, 2007, by Jehovah God.

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I asked my Lord to give me voice

to praise His holy name;

To the fullest extent of His Majesty

that others might feel the same.


I asked my Lord to give me song

to sing to the angel’s choir;

To tell the world of the love I feel

would be life’s finest hour.


And yet in song there is no voice,

in word there is no rhyme;

For like a whisper in howling wind

the words are lost in time.


How does one speak of the beauty

of a sunrise or sunset so red?

How do you tell of a baby’s peace,

as it sleeps on its perfect bed?


This love I seek to share so grand

is nothing I can explain;

It must be felt within ones heart.

there alone will be the gain.


This love is such a personal thing,

and yet it’s there for all;

Just listen to the Whispering Wind

and you’ll hear Him softly call.


© Charles E. Branthoover 10/11/2006

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As surely as I stand in the presence of our Loving God above,

this story is true.

It happened today and was witnessed by the Lady

The Swan

Clasped hand to hand we sent a prayer

to our precious God above;

“Please show Your will to us below

and bless us in our love.”

‘Tis then we walked along a path

of a great flowing stream

till we saw a gentle single swan

sent to us it would seem.

The graceful bird swam straight to me

as I stood along the bank

then came so bold from water’s flow

I knew God I would thank.

It stopped just short of arm’s length

reach and posed majestically,

But then I looked into it’s eye

and heard it speak to me.

Deep in my mind it told of hurt

and tragic loss of mate.

It told of how the loneliness

it accepted as it’s fate.

But then it spoke so bold in thought

T’was not my fate to be;

For God had sent an angel down

to share my destiny.”

With message spent the gentle swan

walked back to water’s edge;

I turned then to my Lady, and

and my life to her did pledge.

Maxine and I were married at 3:30 pm this day….

surely honored and blessed by God Himself

thru silent voice of majestic swan.

© June 12, 1998 Charles E. Branthoover

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In Honor of Glen Payne



Giants walk the earth I know,

I’ve met one here and there;

In thought or deed they rise above

and show they really care.


And yet one rises higher still

to stand above them all;

In truth his path was guided

by the Master’s purposed call.


With voice as sweet as meadow lark

he sings of God’s pure love;

I’m certain angels join his song

in chorus from above.


Tho’ oft the road has burdened him

with more than most could bear;

This giant in God’s army shows

as strength beyond compare.


So Glenn, we surely love you

and there’s something you should know;

Long after God has giv’n you rest,

We’ll be blest by your after-glow!


Thanks Glenn, Good and Faithful Servant


© 1999 by Charles E. Branthoover

Just before Glen passed away, the Father gave me these words for him.

They will match him up to the George Younce poem and together they say, “Well Done; Good and Faithful Servant”s

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It is with extreme sadness that we have learned of George’s passing to Glory this day, April 11, 2005. I have known George for about 7 years, for it was about 7 years ago that George began to collect my poetry. He called me one night and told me how my poetry blessed him when he came off the road. He often went to his den and pulled a folder of my poetry from his file and read it….”to unwind from the rigors of a road life”. I was deeply touched by his kind words and the blessing he gave me. I had written a poem, entitled “God’s Singers” and sent it to him along with a collection of my works and that generated the phone call. From then on, when I would write a few new poems, I would send copies to him. In 1999 I penned the following poem and sent it to George. I received a call from him and he told me how much it blessed Gina, his daughter, who had opened the package. She told him she was going to frame it and put it on the wall in his den. George told me that had been done. I would like to share it with my readers….and I advise you I have “revised” it to reflect his passing to Glory. May it bless you……for George truly was a living saint….who lived what he preached in song.


With voice as pure as mountain spring,
he sang of God’s sweet love;
This Saint of song with oft’ tear’d eye
brought treasures from above.

Tho’ “old bones” ached and cried for peace;
Aged body cried for rest;
Yet one more stage he surely walked
and one more heart he blessed.

A troubadour from choir on high,
He ne’er took roads of ease;
This gifted soldier of the King
needed one more ear to please.

With lifetime spent in love of song
and sharing Heaven’s joy;
This deep-voiced crooner of God’s word
oft’ shined as if a boy.

And now that God has called him home,
I speak for more than one;
From Brothers and Sisters everywhere…
……….George…….thanks……..for a job WELL DONE!

Written for a dear brother in Christ…..George Younce
Copyright 1999 by Charles E. Branthoover……revised April 11, 2005
Heaven is shouting today for a singer has come home.
Rest, dear Brother, George……you’ve earned it. Amen and Amen

This poem has a partner…in honor of Glen Payne

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The well dressed man paused briefly
as he passed by the church of stone;
His mind flashed back to a day long ago
and he never felt more alone.

A tear tracked down his handsome face,
then in anger he brushed it away;
He remembered the ladies pompous smirk
as if it was yesterday.

He watched them build this very church
from the ground breaking to the last nail;
tho’ just a dirt poor lad back then,
He remembered it very well.

He marveled at the building’s size;
fancy cars that came and went;
The people in their fancy clothes
and he dreamed of the money they spent.

He still doesn’t know what came over him,
the day he stepped from the wood;
He remembered his dirty face and jeans
and was shocked that really he could.

He walked to the fanciest car in the lot,
and spoke to the lady so grand;
He simply asked for a bible you see;
She denied with a flick of her hand.

‘Twas later he learned of the millions spent
to erect this monument so great;
and he wondered at this Jesus God;
Who could leave him with such hate.

What kind of Savior was this man
Who could fill the rich with joy
Yet turn his back on the simple request
of a dirty little boy?

Oh, church, I ask you here in rhyme
Have we strayed from His Holy word?
Do we now in our lust for grandeur
close our ears that their cries can’t be heard?

And Jesus said, “Doest thou love Me?” “Feed My sheep!”

copyright 2000 Charles E. Branthoover

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