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Welllllll, Glorrryyyyy!!!!
Fairview Baptist Church

To borrow from George Younce and from the matriarch of the Polston Family: WELLLLLL, GLOOOORRRRRRYYY!!!

What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day; sharing the love of our Lord God with others. This is what St. Valentine did that resulted in his death. He felt mankind was worthy, just as God loved mankind enough to send His Son to die for us. St. Valentine needed to share what he already knew. He didn’t care that it brought his life to an end. He wanted to honor and serve God no matter the cost. It didn’t cost us our lives to share with the folk at Fairview, but it did enrich our lives greatly. What a wonderful blessing to be so warmly received by these folk.  I don’t know any other way to express the feeling we have other than to say, “blessed beyond measure”. Our Lord surely loves us.

Our day began at 4:30 AM. This was a rescheduled date from January 31 due to the severity of the snow storm at that time. We arrived at the church with plenty of time to get our product table set up in the fellowship hall where we were invited to share in their Valentine’s Day Banquet. (I hadn’t had “Lee’s Famous Recipe” chicken for close to 15 years and Charles had never had it; but he certainly enjoyed it.) When we walked into the church and had met a few of the folk, Charles remarked to me how sweet the Spirit was in the church, and he was right. Love was definitely in the place. I will say again, what a wonderful way to celebrate the day set aside for “love”, by honoring God who IS love.

The concert was split into two portions with the banquet between. That was fine with us since breakfast had been a while ago. One precious little girl went around passing out valentines to everyone, and one of the ladies brought in “valentine” pins for the ladies in attendance. I was blessed with an “angel” valentine. That was very sweet, and is a treasure to be sure. They, the valentines and the angel, will all be put in safe keeping.

The service began as most Sunday morning services do, with a couple of congregational hymns, prayer requests, tithes and offerings…then we were blessed to hear a young woman whose family are missionaries to Indonesia. She was born and raised there and is now a senior at the college in Campbellsville. She gave witness to the life she lived as a child in Indonesia, as well as some trials she has been through recently; all the while reminding us of the love from God that gets us through such things.

After the meal and the final portion of the concert, we all felt the love of God flowing through us. I’m sure I can speak for those who stayed through to the end. I believe we all shared the tears that come from the place in you where God dwells; knowing and remembering how great that love is. These aren’t tears of sadness in any way, but tears from the feeling of “completeness” in Him. I wish I could convey to you how wonderful that feeling is.

Our goal is to show others that you cannot have true love without God dwelling in you. Without God, there is no love. You cannot be complete without His love inside you. You will always feel empty and feel the need to “find” something that is missing in your life. He’s waiting. Maybe you’ve experienced that love in the past but the things of and in the world have pulled you away from this love. He’s still waiting. He’s right where you left Him. You can renew that love. Take a moment and let Him know you still love Him and you want Him to let you feel that love again. He is the only One Who can fill that void.
So much more…so much more could be shared, but some things you need to experience for yourself. Some things you can’t hope to understand without experiencing it on your own.

God bless till we meet again… farther down the road.

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I know I should have posted this a few days ago, but we were very tired and had some things to deal with; such as why the van overheated on the way to Campbellsville, and how the lab “lost” the impressions of Charles’ teeth. So here I am today giving you a re-cap of the Concert Sunday.

As I stated above, we were on our way to Campbellsville Sunday morning when we noticed the temperature gauge had “pegged”. We had no clue as to what was going on, so we pulled over; thankful to God that our dear friend Paula was following along behind us. Paula had spent the weekend with us and lives in Campbellsville. After pulling over, we discovered the “overflow” to the radiator was empty. Paula informed us that she had had a spray coming on her windshield but had assumed we’d run through some water on the road. We always take bottled water with us, so we had enough to put in the overflow container that would get us to the next exit where we stopped and filled the reservoir and also a gallon jug with water.

We got to the church with plenty of time to get set up and do a sound check. Paula had enlisted the aid of her son, Marshall, to help with the equipment. That young man is such a blessing; not only in his helping with the equipment but also as a friend. He is eighteen, waiting to go into the Navy and has a tremendous understanding of godly things.

The concert from our stand point was a blessing in being able to share the love of the Father with His children. Many seemed truly blessed and came up to us afterward to tell us so. Tears flowing; hugs given; and hearts touched; all the things required to signify a wonderful concert.

This concert was sort of a “follow-up” from the all-day sing back in September. The church had invited us to join in with several other groups, which was wonderful; they even had free food.

This is another instance of “action-reaction” we spoke of earlier; beginning last year at a church where we met some wonderful folk, who invited us to another church, where we met someone else who invited us to sing at the nursing home, where we met the wife of the pastor of the Reverence For Christ Church. This is also how we met our friend Paula, who is a wonderful addition to our “family”. All of these things are blessings from our Lord God. As these blessings continue to come, we continue to be overwhelmed at His outpouring of love to His children. When you love Him with a pure, sincere love, the outcome of returned love is nothing short of wondrous.

Just in case you were wondering about the van and the teeth, those situations are being resolved as I type this. The resevoir we discovered had a crack in it which led to loosing our fluids and thus overheating. The garage is getting a replacement resevoir and will be installing it soon. The teeth, well, not a lot can be said about that other than what satan meant for a bad thing, God is turning into a good thing. The lost impressions were taken a couple weeks after the extractions. The replacement impressions were done this week which means the gums are closer to being “normal” in size; no swelling; so the teeth when received will fit much better; making everything work more efficiently. This is simply a reminder that no matter what we face, God will supply what is needed to get us through. Sometimes He even gets us OUT. It truly pays to be faithful.

Till next time, watch for the signs,



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Windsor Gardens: WOW!!!


A word I don’t use often but Charles uses almost daily…WOW!!! What a glorious, God-blessed time we had with the staff and residents of the Windsor Gardens Assisted Living Home. WOW! Charles giggles when I use the word because it’s so out of character for me. When I see the moving of God, it’s something I expect to happen, so “WOW” rarely comes into play for me. But there are those exceptional times when nothing but WOW will do. This was one of those times. We knew God had something special planned due to the severe attacks from the enemy, satan all week.

We arrived at Windsor Gardens a bit earlier than planned due to another engagement that was scheduled “short notice”. (Grandview asked us back when they found we would be in the area.) This though, allowed us time to relax for a while between times. We’d begun our day at 6:30 AM, needing to be in Campbellsville by 11:00 their time but 10:00 for us; and we left home at 8:30 CST. (Campbellsville is on eastern standard time; what in this area is called “fast” time.) Our muscles reminded us of their age rather quickly, loading and unloading our sound equipment 3 times throughout the day. But God is faithful and enables us to do this. We did have some help at both places with unloading which was a blessing. Charles says “don’t get old, old hurts.” But even youngsters will hurt sometimes, especially if they “over do it”. So I really don’t know that age is the problem, more like inactivity around the house. Needless to say, after over 12 hours of travel, ministry and such, we were tired folk when we got home. I love it when your tiredness comes more from “spiritual” tired rather than physical tired. It’s those times when you can feel, “job well done.” When you hear people respond to you with, “Now I know why you’re here.” “I’ve never seen anyone show true love from God the way you do…you can FEEL it.” Yet they know beyond the shadow of a doubt, it’s not us they are seeing, but our Father.

We did have a few comical moments as well. We were doing one of our popular songs, “Somebody Say Amen”, and as usual we try to get the “audience” to participate; yes even in nursing homes and assisted living they love it. I went over to one gentleman to let him shout “AMEN” over the mike when we got to the proper spot. You can imagine my surprise when he shouted, not AMEN, but “HOLLYWOOD’S WAITING ON YOU”!!!; it blew my mind to say the least. A comment made to Charles by one of the lady residents after we were done: “I always wanted to sing alto in the heavenly choir when I get there, but after hearing you two, I think now I’m going to sing tenor.” LOL Charles told her, “But I’m a bass.” She then said, “Yeah but you sang some good tenor.”

Such a joyous time we had. God allowed for good weather, and a bit cooler temperatures. We’d had really bad storms all week, tornadoes, strong gusty winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, high humidity…all of it. We were assured the night before that it would be a beautiful day. We knew it meant a “spiritually” beautiful day but it was weather-wise as well. It did rain with some lightening while we were singing at the Grandview, but it wasn’t bad and was all cleared up and sunny by the time we were ready to move on. The rain in this instance dropped the humidity and the temperatures, making it a beautiful day all the way around. When we got to Windsor Gardens, we elected to wait a bit before unloading and setting up as we were early; so we sat on the “front porch” with the breeze blowing and the fragrance of the flowers waifting past; so peaceful and just what we needed for the “break” the Father planned. I could easily have fallen asleep.

We found out we must have been listening to the “inner voice” about not getting unloaded because a piano truck pulled in and had come to switch out the grand piano for an upright. The grand it seems was in need of some sort of repair. Had we unloaded and set our stuff up, it would have been in the way for them to change out the pianos. See how it works when you listen to the voice of God? He knows what’s gonna happen in the next few minutes; the next few hours; days; etc.,etc. and He will prepare you for it if you listen and obey HIS voice.

This didn’t start out to be a long a synopsis, but I trust that the Father is telling me what to say as I type. He’s One I can take dictation from.

Bless you all. Maxine.


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Have you thought about how your “action” always causes a “reaction” from either you or someone else? Well Flames of Love are no strangers to that line of thinking. If you have read our articles about moving here and becoming acquainted with FC and Edna Parrish, you have also read how we were invited, through them, to sing at the Campbellsville Church of the Nazarene. This in turn led us to meet Karen Reed, who invited us to participate in the Nursing Home Week; in which we sang at the Grandview Nursing Home and also the Windsor Gardens. With this, we met Paula. I don’t know her last name but that isn’t important. I’m just letting you know how the actions and reactions work…especially when God is involved. He knows who He wants you to meet. He knows the purpose they will have in your life and in His plan for not only you but others as well. I said all that to give you an example of how God works.

We had a truly blessed time with the people at both Grandview and Windsor Gardens. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music and while we didn’t have much conversation with the “seniors” we were able to chat some with the dedicated workers.

Many may think ” why would you bother going to those places to “minister; they probably didn’t even know you were there?” I beg to differ with you on that line of thinking. You should try it for yourself sometime. Many of these folk seem to have been forgotten by family and friends. They are lonely. And while it may seem they are forgotten by relatives and others, they have NOT been forgotten by God. Those who were His when their bodies and minds were strong, still remain His, and deserve to hear from Him in the way we minister. Some may not know who we are, but I dare say most with strong clarity of thinking don’t either. Yet at the same time, to witness the bright smiles on those faces when you sing about our Lord God is priceless. It’s true that in these situations, you may not know whether or not you’ve “touched” someone due to the seeming lack of response. But we’ve learned in our various venues, not to judge by outward expressions. To give you a “for instance”, we had been invited to sing at a community event through the suggestion of a family member. While we were singing, we watched the crowd, looking to see how we were received. We looked at our family and noticed they were “sinking” deeper and deeper into their seats. Charles began to think, “we must not be coming across very well” and thought we should pack up and go home. Later when we talked with the family about it, we found out they were so “absorbed, and so enjoying the music that they were just “leaning back” to absorb even more; take it ALL in. Another time we were in concert at a church and a man came in a bit late; came about 1/2 way down the aisle and sat down. He proceeded to fold his arms and had the “look” about him as if to say, “Bless me if you can, I DARE you”. Part way through the concert I went down the aisle while singing, took his hand and noticed tears tracking down his face. Absolutely we remember “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”. So while we may not accurately “read” our audience, we wait and see what happens later; and trust that we were able to give them a few moments of joy from the Father while at the same time witness with the dedicated staff. We met some wonderful people on staff and enjoyed very much our time with them and the “seniors”.

The folk at the Windsor Gardens Assisted Living facility, have been asking Paula, “When are you going to have Flames of Love back?”. Paula called and scheduled us for visits in June and July. So much for US not knowing how we were received. The proof comes back to us in what we hear from others later. The Father often, after concerts in which we feel we’ve failed due to “lack of response”, tells us “You touched more than you know. Wait and see comes of it.” It’s not about being asked back, it’s about the phone calls; the notes; the later conversations that tell us we’ve been the blessing God sent us there to be.

There are evidences of this posted on a few of the pages that tell us what has transpired with the folk after we left but due to God sending us there.

I would suggest that you find the time to go visit those in the nursing and assisted living facilities. You might discover that YOU are the one blessed. Things are not always as they seem. Find out what reaction YOUR action causes. (An added note here, inaction can cause reactions as well.)

God bless those in these facilities and the staff who serve them.


‘Til next time, Maxine

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There are times when God just flat out amazes me. I probably should say us. You have probably been following the “news and happenings” topic in which we have told you about the graciousness of the Garry Polston Family, by inviting us to share in their concert; and most recently how the Father had us sing at the Lewis and Lewis concert. We are getting to be known in these parts in ways most wouldn’t think of. The Father does things in ways that make you wonder. I remember when I was working in retail, people would come in asking for a particular product that was “brand new”; but hadn’t made it to the stores yet. It had been advertised for weeks, but hadn’t been put out there for purchase. When I questioned why this was, I was told that good “marketing” creates a demand for a product before they issue the supply. Somehow I feel this is the Father’s plan for us right now.

He had told us in prayer that “you will be singing very much very shortly”. No, He didn’t mean 2 songs at someone else’s concert. But He has chosen to, and I hate to use words like these but they do convey what I need to say, hand out “appetizers” before the meal; create a demand, before sending out the supply. A simple case, as it were, of supply and demand. We are still getting ready for the door to burst wide open, honing our skills by learning new songs, learning our way around the area, and meeting various peoples.

We have sang at several places since being in Glasgow, and even though it may seem like “small potatoes”, people are getting to know us, “create a demand”: they like what they hear by the sampling—“appetizers” through the graciousness of others.

This past Thursday we got a call from Edna Parrish: you’ve read about her and F.C. here recently, she was very excited. She says, “I got you someplace to sing!  GLORY!!!”  Giving us as much detail as she could, she put us in touch with the pastor of Campbellsville Church of the Nazarene. Edna had spoken to him about us being the special music for the Sunday morning service. They were having a special day of celebration. Seems the pastors wife was having a birthday on Monday, and the church was throwing her a party of sorts after the worship service.

Upon speaking with Pastor Cliff, we were to sing two songs…maybe more, he says “we’ll play it by ear.” He is taking the word of Edna and F.C. about our ability, and I’m sure he figured a couple songs wouldn’t be too bad. We took our sound system for the service and left early Sunday morning. Campbellsville is on Eastern Standard Time which is an hour ahead of us. We arrived, set up, did the sound check and the service began. We were called up to sing our two songs before the offertory, and during the offertory, the pastor came over and asked for another song. We ended up doing three total. He now says he’ll be calling us for a regular concert in the next 3-4 weeks. “Create a demand” then supply the need. It may sound a little facetious here but isn’t that similar to salvation…first we realize we have a need for it; that creates a demand; then the Father lovingly supplies the demand. WOW…I hadn’t even thought about that until just this very minute. WOW…

We had a wonderful time. On the way home we stopped into the radio station we mentioned a few weeks ago, WAIN in Columbia. Delmo has been playing our music and when we stopped in said, when we come to the area for our concert, stop by and he’d do an interview with us “live–on air”. Things are working out just as the Father planned and said they would. I love the fact that I can sit back and watch it all come to pass, knowing I trust Him to do what He said. I don’t need details, I just need to be that obedient child, expecting “DADDY” to take care of everything. At this point, I’m reminded of a verse of scripture in Job 36:11 “If they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures.” Many will ask, why aren’t you wealthy then, if you are as obedient as you say you are? I will tell you now, my treasures are laid up where thieves cannot break through and steal; where moth and rust cannot corrupt*. We have everything we need and most things we want. The reason I say “most things we want”, instead of EVERYTHING, is we want you to know the Father as we do. We and the Father are working toward that goal, but it is a free-will thing. No one, not even the Father, will force you to have the kind of relationship with Him that He so longs for. It has to be your choice, else it would have no meaning. When that is done, and we are all at home with Him, then and only then, will we have EVERYTHING we want. This gives us something to look forward to. THE BEST IS YET TO COME. Patience is truly a virtue. I believe that is why it is so hard to come by.

Look for us out there SOON!!!

If you would like “Flames of Love” for your church service, concert or function, as you can see, short notices are good. Just give us a call to work out the details. (270-678-9298)  God bless, Maxine.


*Matthew 6:19, 20 All scripture is KJV

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Would you rather watch God bless someone else or bless you? Personally, I like to watch others get blessed, because that does bless me. I don’t know if I could separate the two. What’s even better, is when God blesses someone else through something I’ve said or done; knowing all the while that I am simply an instrument in His hands.

 I said all of that to relay some blessings to you. In these stories many were blessed and all through the simple act of obedience.

 You’ve read how we so enjoyed the “Garry Polston Family” a couple months back; and how Garry, being used by the Father to bless us, invited us up to sing during their concert at Taylor’s Chapel. How gracious of him to do so. Knowing Garry, we know he serves Jehovah God and listens to Him. All things are part of God’s plan, and this was no exception. I believe it is one of the ways God has chosen to make “Flames of Love” known in this region. How blessed we were to sing that night.

 During the course of our time here in Glasgow thus far, we came into contact with and became friends with a wonderfully delightful couple in their late 70’s: F.C. and Edna Parrish.

 We learned that F.C had been baritone singer for some great quartets. None as notable as the Cathedrals or Gold City, but some of you may remember “Skyline Quartet” or “New Direction”. F.C. is also a distant relative of Horrace Parrish of the Rebels Quartet.

 F.C. Came off the road about 10 years ago, thinking he would never sing to an audience again. During the course of these past 10 years, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Many of you may remember Jake Hess’s battle with this disease, yet gracefully took the stage with the Homecoming Friends. Edna has had her own battles, dealing with cancer. But in 2008 she was made cancer free. With this bit of background information, I’ll tell you that music is what F.C. lives for. “He’d rather sing than eat” as Edna puts it.

 We learned that the “Garry Polston Family” was going to be near again and invited F.C. and Edna to go with us. It would be wonderful to see Garry and them again, especially since he’d had to undergo “knee replacement” surgery during the holiday season.

 Our friends were anxious to go. We hadn’t told Garry we were coming, this was to be a surprise to him. We figured we’d go and enjoy the concert.

 Upon arriving, we looked Garry up and he was pleased we were there. I told him I wanted to introduce him to our new friends, but before we got to do that, seems the pastor from Hogard’s Chapel had heard us sing at Taylor’s Chapel months before and asked Garry to have us sing. Good thing the Father has told us to ALWAYS be prepared. We don’t always know what He has in mind, but we must, and I believe we are, prepared for what comes.

 When Garry came over, he introduced himself to F.C. and Edna, telling them it was an honor to meet them. Then the concert began.

 A short while before their break, Garry did something tremendous…He formed an “impromptu” quartet; using three people from the audience: a tenor and a lead singer with whom he’d sang in years gone by, and then he calls F.C. up to sing baritone. (F.C. knew nothing about this, it was a total surprise to him) Keeping his own bass, David, he has his quartet. F.C. Had told us previously that since he’d left the road, he would get nervous, and wasn’t sure he could remember the words to the songs. But Garry pulled out a couple of songs that anyone would be hard pressed to forget… “What A Day That Will Be” and “Just A Little Talk with Jesus”. F.C. was truly blessed, and Edna was so proud watching her husband once again doing what he loved.

 Charles and I had been encouraging F.C. with his singing since day one, and the Father used Garry to show F.C. He ain’t done with him yet. What a wonderful time that was, and we were totally blessed. Charles sat back with tears in his eyes watching the blessing on our friends, not just F.C. and Edna, but Garry as well.

 I e-mailed Garry afterward, thanking him for blessing F.C. And just as I knew it would be, Garry was blessed, knowing he’d blessed someone else. Ain’t God good? See, it has a snowball effect.

 I know you’re wondering by now, and I’ll tell you, Yes, we did sing a couple songs after the break. This opened other doors for “Flames of Love”. Several people at the Hogard’s Chapel were also at Taylor’s Chapel. One gentleman put us in touch with a radio station and we are now waiting on the results of that.

 We were “future” blessed by being at Hogard’s Chapel; we learned of a concert in the area with “Lewis and Lewis”, people we have longed for over a year to see and meet. Even with these folk in concert, God opened yet another door. The gentleman who made the Lewis and Lewis announcement, after hearing us say we’d longed to see them, said he’d have us sing a couple at this venue should we come. Lewis and Lewis were at Fairview Baptist Church, just a week after the Hogard’s Chapel concert. Excitedly, we went to see the Lewis’ and were again blessed to sing a couple songs. We are now booked at the Fairview Baptist Church for January 31, 2010. Yes, that is a whole year away, but it was the first opening they had. It gives us a promising look into the future. Each place we have gone, folks have remembered us from another place and want to hear more.

 We thank the servants of God for being obedient to Him by serving others. It puts them in a category with Jesus, who became a servant; even showing this by washing the feet of the disciples. No job for God is small or meaningless. If you are a nursery worker; janitor; if you mow the lawn, open the doors for services, or simply answer the phone, your job is as important in God’s eyes as the pastor or music director. Some times it could be even more so. God sees no little “I’s” or big “you’s”. God sees the purity of heart with which you serve. 1Corinthians 10:31: Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. Colossians 3:17: And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Colossians 3:23: And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; 2 Corinthians 8:5And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God.

 Know that God looks on the intent of the heart, not the works themselves.

 Ephesians 6:6  Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart;

Caught up until next time,






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House of Praise


Ever wonder what it might have been like to partake of the worship that was done in Solomon’s Temple? I believe we had a sample of that this past Sunday with the concert at House of Praise.

I must say up front that “House of Praise” is the perfect name for this church. It isn’t a large church if you judge by numbers by any stretch of the imagination, but with the Spirit of God that is in that church, you might wonder how the building could contain the whole. There is no doubt in my mind that the Spirit is free to come as oft as He will in this place. There is no doubt either that the members take Him with them where ever they may go. The start of the service, as if you haven’t guessed already was truly an inviting of the Holy Spirit; something we crave so in our concert ministry. Notice that the word “crave” not only refers to something we want, but something we can’t live without. We have been in places before where the Holy Spirit of Jehovah God was not welcome. It makes it very hard to do what we have been called to do. There were praise songs sung, of which I only knew one, but we enjoyed listening to the congregation praising the Holy Father with their voices. We also experienced a “prayer of praise” from one of the ladies of the church. We are so accustomed to praying for what we want, thanking God for His blessings He’s bestowed on us and that about sums up the prayer. This was a prayer of praise from the depths of her soul. Yes, she asked for protection, blessings, and gave thanks; but that was miniscule to the praise coming from within. Worshipping God for WHO He is, WHAT He is, and speaking forth that it doesn’t matter what may come against her, nothing will turn her aside. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Would to God that we ALL could be in the same accord as she.

Now on with the concert. As I stated the congregation surely laid the ground work, plowed their fields; to receive what the Father wanted to give them. Not from the Flames of Love, but through the servants who are called “Flames of Love”. We are merely vessels and conduits who allow Him to work through us. Seems I can’t get passed the wonderment of the effect the congregation had on the service. Again I say WOW! You had to be there.

We did have a small crowd, but as you’ve probably heard Charles and I say before, the empty seats are filled with angels; so in our minds and hearts, we always sing to a packed house. 11:30 seems like a strange time to start a morning worship service, but this is due to the Sunday School time. They allow time for the workings of the Holy Spirit, they don’t program Him out. No “clock-eyed” christians here, as I’ve heard the more prominent groups speak of. We had the music set for about an hour of singing, leaving time for the speaking the Father may place in our mouths. Isn’t it wonderful when folks are NOT in a hurry to get out. I remember many years ago, our church may let out at about 12:30, but we all stood around and fellowshipped with each other afterward for at least another hour. Now we have to get home for various other activities that seem more important than being with the family of God.

Yes, we had a wonderful time. We not only ministered with our music, but were ministered to by their music and praise. We often forget that even the pastors of our churches need to be ministered to…need to refresh their spirits; refuel their tanks. Works GREAT when it comes just before you step up to the podium.

This was a wonderful beginning to this new direction of our ministry. WOW!!! We are expecting to get very busy, very soon, and we would love to see you out there on the trail.

‘Til more comes along, keep praying for Flames of Love that we would ever be in HIS will, not our own. Maxine.


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